Last Lil5 – until we come back next year

a few quotes to remember our last little 5.


I’m not complaining…. I get someee.

You smell like skin.

Fuck you Katie Sill!

Why do you do half the things you do?

Fuck you Kyle.

You are wicked!!

I was reading in the ids today about legalizing marijuana and what a great place it would have been to get stoned and go here! Think about it… You walk into a pumpkin… Walk thru a garden then into the dining room. What a great dining experience it would have been!

6:59 am – Im wide awake lets go back out! It little 5!

If I can’t go out on Saturday, that’s an emergency!

I’ll pay for your abortion.

A fifth of yager is $10 at big red! U ready to not remember the rest of the week?


I see wine. I see beer. I don’t see Kristin.

Why wouldn’t you get a poncho and run around?

I even googled “firm” to see what it means.

Your house is on fire! Your house is on fire!

You’re going to be a retarded bus driver who runs over kids!

Did you tell him about your nipple situation?

I’m gonna have to call him back next week when I not extremely busy drinking.

I j need one night.
Yah cuz it’s worked for you everytime.

So the last two songs I’ve Shazamed were Justin Bieber.

He’s obviously gonna die because he had sex with another guy.

I rip my clothes off pretty easily.

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