Summatime ’09 – and the livin’s too easy

  1. Poke her face! With what? What do you mean?
  2. I’m very calculating.
  3. She’s fine wherever she lands.
  4. Long distance is the wrong distance.
  5. Rest assured.
  6. Business men. Be their best friend but use them.
  7. Take anyone in who wants you. Not on a pathetic level.
  8. Just fuckin have fun
  9. Seeing if you wanna make, I mean hang out?
  10. Smoke first. Then drink. = Roll of thumb
  11. Why couldn’t they get rid of Uranus?
  12. This isn’t Disney world. I don’t want the fast pass.
  13. Don’t talk about it. Be about it.
  14. I’m signing off.
    Fuckers I went idle 20 minutes ago.
  15. It was never an issue to get…. Any tang… If you know what I mean? -Allison
  16. Think of it as red lube.
  17. It’s a wild world Crystal.
    Oh baby
  18. I’ll cook you spam.
    SPAM??Who the fuck are you?
  19. Are they just dating because they don’t know any better?
    I think so!
    Ah that sucks.
  20. Were rollin around everybody else
  21. You know how I know you’re gay? Cuz you’re dick tastes like shit!
  22. Everybody is single if you try hard enough.
  23. I hope he doesn’t remember.
  24. It’s all fun and games to me now.
  25. I refuse to snort things. I paid too much money for my nose.
  26. He doesn’t have a soul. Get it out of here.
  27. I know all about the meat stick.
  28. You can’t wreck a happy home.
  29. You can’t date a boy who wears jean shorts.
  30. “you wouldn’t if you were sober”
  31. If you can’t bang it, eat it, or bet on it it’s not in my phone.
  32. If it were Red Lobster we would have our salads already.
  33. Hippys have dreadlocks and dance like their having a seizure.
  34. It’s like a fuckin game to get them out.
  35. Promises don’t count anymore.
  36. I’m trying to make his girlfriend jealous! -Sammy
  37. What is Molly? Is that a dog or cat?
  38. Is it joints? We need joints. We have to drive.
  39. Play hard to get.
    I’m not hard to get.
  40. You’ve been waiting since 1908! You can wait 10 more minutes.
  41. What the fuck is T9?
  42. Immma .. Fuck you!!
  43. Spell penmanship. P-i-n- like does she have bad handwriting?
  44. Fastest summer of my life!
  45. I’ve got no tolerance!
  46. I think it’s bullshit! I think they’re j telling you!
  47. Bc it’s back to the womb!
  48. I love ice cream sandwiches!
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